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At Transport Cars 4U, we not only strive for the best service but with our many years of experience in transportation we have the ability to make your next auto transportation its best.

how to ship a car

How to Ship a Car

Are you searching for how to ship a car and the most reputable relocation company? If so, Transport Cars 4U can help! Many people purchase vehicles in auctions, and usually, the sellers are the ones taking care of the shipping. However, other people need to transport their regular vehicles from one city to another and don't know what the whole process entails. Some people try to relocate the car themselves, but after some calculations regarding price, distance and hours on the highway, they agree to give the job to a car shipping company like ours. We can help you in this regard by giving you the best rates in the market, suggesting the best car shipping method and by doing the actual relocation.

Why Hire Our Services

how to ship a carTransport Cars 4U has more than 10 years serving clients from all around the US, with all their car shipping needs. Fully licensed, bonded and insured car transport company that understands every customer needs and shipping arrangements are unique regarding time, and date delivery times. We give our clients both options regarding car shipping methods (enclosed and open car carrier) so they how much each of them cost, to budget themselves. In addition, we have in-house software with GPS features that track every time a car is picked up or drop off. We always know exactly our driver's location and what cars they are picking up, so can you! We offer discounted services for car dealerships, auto auctions, and dealer trades.

Open Car Carrier

how to ship a carSpecially but not limited to light trucks, vans and SUV's these two level auto carriers are capable of hauling up to 12 cars at a time. Each vehicle will be delivered to each customers location or at the companies headquarters. The reason this car shipping method is more economical than others is that the vehicles are exposed to debris and weather conditions that might expose your vehicle to dirt. High-end vehicles are usually not shipped with this method, but it all depends on the customer.

Enclosed Car Carrier

An enclosed car transport service is completely safe from weather, and road debris conditions. This is the preferred car shipping method for high-end luxury, classic, antique, and exotic cars. Either the cars go into a single container, or two cars share one container. The inner walls protect the car in case of a road emergency decreasing the chances of the car getting damaged. Also, the shipping and delivery times are more accurate due to dropping a single shipment instead of 12 other vehicles like the open car carrier method.

Transport Cars 4U

Shipping vehicles Since 2007, Transport Cars 4U is a family owned business providing car carrier and excellent customer service from any part of Florida, nationwide and internationally. For further assistance, call at 800-294-7110 or click here to fill out quick Form.

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