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At Transport Cars 4U, we not only strive for the best service but with our many years of experience in transportation we have the ability to make your next auto transportation its best.

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Classic Car Transport Companies

Are you searching for classic car transport companies? If yes, we can help! Transport Cars 4U caters to car enthusiast their enclosed car transportation services within the US. We understand that this type of cars, most of the time are one of a kind, and need to be transported without any possible accidents during the transportation process. We guarantee no scratches and no dents while traveling across the country as each vehicle will travel in its own container. Let us explain you all the shipping methods and phases regarding this matter.

Enclosed Car Carrier

A trailer designated for this type of car shipping method will transport up to 2 vehicles, each with its own container. Frequently, a driver will pick up the vehicle at the customer's location at an additional cost, as these type of cars are kept with the lowest miles if possible. Also, these vehicles are most of the time exhibited in car shows. For example, the trailer will pick the vehicle from the owner's location and then delivered to different parts within the states where the car shows take place. This is the preferred car transportation method for luxury, exotic and classic cars.

Open Car Carrier

The most affordable method to ship your car within the states is the open car carrier. Why? Because a two-level trailer has the capacity to hold up to 12 cars at a time while traveling within the States. Also, it will take more time to deliver all the cars within your final destination first if you live the farthest city. So, if you are relocating to the north city like Maine, you will have to wait for your vehicle patiently. However, you will know this in advance to prepare and make arrangements to receive your vehicle when needed.

Car Shipping Phases

First. you need the dates for pickup and delivery to reserve a date and space in the car trailer. The earlier the booking, the better for discounted prices. Available quote methods include, online, over the phone or face to face booking.

Second. Decide if a driver is coming to your home for pick up or if you are dropping off at the car trailer center. The option will depend on your budget and type of vehicle.

Third. Upon arrival, the driver will inspect the vehicle as any cosmetic condition needs to be addressed in the paperwork including pictures.

Fourth. The customer will have access to a GPS locator to see all the stops previously made by the car trailer while in route.

Fifth. Upon arrival, the customer will walk through the vehicle to confirm its condition and sign the delivery paperwork.

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